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Wed May 25 15:44:31 UTC 2016

Dear Open Science Interested,

you are cordially invited to the Open Hardware Europe Summit

The Open Hardware Europe Summit
<https://codedcultures.com/categories/open-hardware-europe-summit/> a is a
critical symposium on the 28th of May 14:00-20:00 at MAK, to debate the
cultural, political and societal relevance of open hardware and maker
culture and their pertinence for science, education and art. Some of the
greatest developer’s, thinkers, artists and scientists in this field will
present their take on the topic. Speakers include: *Andreas Siagian*,
artist from Yogyakarta and founding member of Lifepatch, *Bilal Ghalib*,
entrepreneur, activist and maker establishing collaborative making spaces
in America and the Middle East, *David Cuartielles*, one of the founders of
the arduino project, *Katherine Scott*, senior software engineer at Planet
Labs, *Luka Mustafa*, developer of Koruza, *Madeline Gannon*, the
robotwhisperer, *Michael Weinberg*, president of the Open Hardware
Association US, *Michael Gielda*, part of the Risc-V project, *Tarek
Loubani*, Canadian emergency physician who works in the Gaza strip and
Canada, *Stefanie Wuschitz*, Mz Baltaza's Lab and *Victor Mazon Gardoqui
with 000,* developer of SIGNUM, who will also perfom live.

Find out more on opernhardware.me and codedcultures.com

Tickets start at 15€, but...

*As a special for the Open Science Community we would like to offer a
discount to the Open Hardware Summit.*

Enter Promotional Code: OPENSESAME  and you get a 25% discount on Early
Bird and Regular Tickets.

Get tickets here!

Saturday, May 28th, 2016, 2pm-8pm

MAK (Museum of Applied Arts and Contemporary Art)
Lecture Hall
Weiskirchnergasse 3
1010 Vienna
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