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Dear All

I'm contacting you on behalf of the organising committee for GOSH 2017, the Gathering for Open Science Hardware taking place in Santiago, Chile at the Innovation Centre at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile during 22-25 March 2017. We would like to invite you to apply to join another 75-100 active users, developers and thinkers in open hardware for science to benefit research, education, and science engagement.

GOSH is an ongoing meeting series and designed to support a stronger and more collaborative community in open hardware for science. In 2016, we convened for the first time at CERN, which has led to the creation of the GOSH Manifesto<http://openhardware.science/gosh-manifesto/> and an ongoing effort to create a roadmap for open science hardware, a burgeoning community, and ongoing individual and organizational collaborations. In March 2017, we will continue to explore the diversity of existing projects, share best practices, and identify needs with those engaged in making and using open hardware within research institutions and beyond. We’ll listen to user stories and developer journeys, host a series of workshops on topics such as sharing and licensing and design for manufacture, as well as host build sessions to learn from other projects.

For more information and to apply using our lightweight form please see http://openhardware.science/ or apply directly<https://goo.gl/forms/kkae4CI7DcZR7kR72>. The deadline for applications is December 9, 2016 and invitations will be sent out by early January 2017. We have limited space and will aim to maximise representation from sectors, disciplines and regions based on the attendance goals noted in the application. There will be an opportunity to participate in some sessions remotely for those who are unable to join us in Chile.

There is no registration cost and we are currently in the process of sourcing travel sponsorship. We're not currently in a position to guarantee support but we hope to assist attendees where possible. Let us know on the form if funding assistance would be useful to you. If you know of an organisation which might be willing to sponsor GOSH, please let us know.

Please send this to appropriate lists and individuals. You can contact us at organizers at openhardware.science<mailto:organizers at openhardware.science> with any questions.

In the meantime, you can connect with the community via our googlegroup<https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/open-science-hardware> and @GOSHCommunity<https://twitter.com/goshcommunity> on Twitter. Look out for the new GOSH forum, coming soon!

Best wishes

The GOSH 2017 organising committee:

· Jenny Molloy, University of Cambridge

· Shannon Dosemagen, Public Lab

· Max Liboiron, Memorial University of Newfoundland

· Francois Grey, University of Geneva and CERN

· Fernán Federici Noe, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

· Greg Austic, PhotosynQ
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