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Paul A. David pad at stanford.edu
Thu Mar 15 17:22:24 UTC 2012

Dear Rufus et alia,
         One hour starting at 10am PST on 22 
March is a good time for me. Here is the landline 
at which I can be reached for that purpose:

                 +1 650 858-2295    (Paul David)

         For other contact until 31 March, use my U.S. mobile number:
                 +1 650 644-5734.

         Sheila and I will be in Europe from the 
29th March onwards (see signature, below, for 
further details. The US mobile service should continue to         work.


                                                         Paul A. David
                                 Past President 
and Ex Offico Member of the Board of 
Western Economic Association International

Professor of Economics (Emeritus), Stanford University
& Senior Fellow , Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research

         Address from 5 September 2011 until c. 
28 March 2012; & c. 27 June to  c.4 September 2012
         Department of Economics, Stanford 
University, Stanford CA 94305-6072, USA.
         Tel.: 001.650.723-3710; Fax: 
001.650.725-5702: E-mail <pad at Stanford.edu>.

Visiting Professor, College of Management of Technology, EPFL Lausanne

         Address from c. 30 March to c.10 May 2012:
         Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
         CEMI--CDM, ODY101A
         Email: <pad at stanford.edu>
         Tel Contact: +41 21 693 0121 (Cyrielle 
Blanc, sec't to Prof. Dominique Foray)
         Fax: +41 21 693 0020

Professorial Fellow , United Nations University-MERIT
Knowledge and Industrial Dynamics Group

         Address from c.10 May to c. 16 June 
2012; & from c.5 until 30 September 2012
         UNU-MERIT  -- 19 Keizer Karelplein
         6211 TC Maastricht, The Netherlands
         Tel: +31(0)43 3884475 (speak with Wilma Coenegrachts)


“Optimal Transition Paths toward Global Climate 
Stabilization: Implications for R&D Investment 
and its Timing” (with A. van Zon, B.H. Hall and 
L. Soete). Presented at the International Energy 
Workshop Conference, held at Stanford University, 
6-8 July 2011; revised version 28 November 2011 
[SIEPR-CEEG Social Science & Technology Seminar 
Paper, available at: 

“Breaking Anti-Commons Constraints on Global 
Scientific Research: More Smooth Moves in ‘Legal 
Jujitsu’,” Ch. 23 in National Research Council, 
Sharing Research Data and Information – A 
Symposium, edited by Paul H. Uhlir, National 
Academy Press: Washington, DC, 2011, at

“Mitigating “Anticommons” Harms to Science and 
Technology Research ( 22 May) 2011.  [Available 
as SIEPR Discussion Paper No. 10-30, at: 
{This is a revised and extended version of the 
article published in The WIPO Journal: Analysis 
of Intellectual Property Issues, 1(2), 2010:pp. 59-73).}

"Zvi Griliches and the Economics of Technology 
Diffusion: Adoption of innovations, investment 
lags and productivity growth," SIEPR Discussion 
Paper 09-16 (1 June, 2010). [Available at:


"The Demography of an Early Mortality Transition: 
Life Expectancy, Survival and Mortality Rates for 
Britain's Royals, 1500-1799," (with S. Ryan 
Johansson and Andrea Pozzi). Oxford Social and 
Economic History Discussion Papers No.83, August, 
Available also from http://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=1641447

“May 6th -- Signals from a very brief by 
emblematic catastrophe on Wall Street," SIEPR 
Policy Paper No. 09-020 (July 9, 2010), available 
Also published in Real World Economic Review, Issue 53, 2010.

"'Only Connect': Academic-Business Research 
Collaborations and the Formation of Ecologies of 
Innovation" (with J. Stanley Metcalfe), 
Forthcoming in H.Etzkowitz and R. Viale, The 
Capitalization of Knowledge:A 
Government-Universities-Business Triple Helix, 
Cheltenham: E. Eglar, 2010 [ Available as SIEPR 
Policy paper No. 07-033 at: http://siepr.stanford.edu/papers/pdf/07-33.html .]

View my recent research on this SSRN Author page: 
Electronic versions of  Working Papers (since 
1997) are directly available for downloading at :
(sort by author in alphabetical order)
Website for Working Papers of the Stanford-NSF 
Project on the Economics of Open Source Software 
(includes papers not posted elsewhere)


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