[Wg-economics-advisory] Data Journals - Could we have them in Economics?

'Christian Zimmermann' zimmermann at stlouisfed.org
Thu May 2 00:45:29 UTC 2013

I would certainly welcome it, and we would be most willing to help with 

Not that we have started hosting academic datasets on FRED, one condition 
being that there is a peer-reviewed publication about the data. Such a 
journal would help fulfilling this requirement.

On Wed, 1 May 2013, Velichka Dimitrova wrote:

> Dear all,
> You may be familiar with data journals: peer-reviewed publications of
> datasets containing about two pages of a description about the origin of
> the data and methodology in compiling it (see the attached short document
> from Ubiquity Press for some background).
> Data journals are being implemented in other academic disciplines like
> biodiversity and archeology. They create additional reputation incentives
> for researchers to provide their data along with useful and structured
> metadata for others.
> As Advisory Panel members, we would like to ask about your general opinion
> on data journals and whether they could have any application in economics
> and the social sciences?
>   - Would there be an opportunity to develop data publications and data
>   journals in economics? Are the underlying conditions present? Are there
>   particular economics fields which can make use of them?
>   - What are the arguments against having data journals in economics? What
>   are the reasons for not having data journals in your field?
> Please let us know if you have an opinion on this matter. Thank you for
> your input.
> Best wishes
> Velichka Dimitrova
> Open Economics Project Coordinator
> Open Knowledge Foundation
> http://okfn.org | http://openeconomics.net

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