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Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Dec 2 10:47:09 GMT 2010

[Apologies for the top-post]

To continue the updates in this thread, we've now organized space for
a hack event in London courtesy of Trampoline Systems (big thank-you
to them).



2010/12/1 David Eaves <david at eaves.ca>:
> Hello everyone interested in the Opendata hackathon.
> 1. I've blogged a couple of ideas (here and here) that people can hack on
> this Saturday. Again, I think the localizing other projects will be the
> easiest way to get some quick wins. (Hope to move this to the wiki shortly)
> 2. I'm trying to find ways to encourage non-developers to participate by
> describing ways they can contribute to projects (hope to move this to the
> wiki shortly) (see blog posts above)
> 3. Created an IRC chat room: irc.oftc.net #odhd
> Somethings I'm thinking about:
> 1) ensuring people demo the ideas that they are working on, or even better,
> complete
> 2) Getting feedback after the day to learn:
> a) did people have fun
> b) were they able to raise awareness/build community
> c) do they want to do it again
> d) what could we do better/build on our successes
> Okay, focused on Saturday 100% now... so excited.
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