[annotator-dev] Some work from the weekend text camp

Mark MacGillivray mark at cottagelabs.com
Tue Aug 16 15:21:26 UTC 2011

hi Annotator-dev people,

At the weekend I was at text camp 2011 in London, well done to James
Harriman-Smith for organising.

One of the requirements that came up was that James wanted an easier
way to find annotations about particular topics, or by particular
people. So, I took some of the code I have been working on and built
an index with a jquery front end.

I am still working on this jquery front end and in particular have to
remove the IE bugs (it is probably not viewable in anything earlier
than IE9 at the moment). However, James reckoned this might be useful
for something like the front page of openshakespeare. So, what do you
all think? Shall I have a go at embedding this on the site?

The example is here:


Things like the URIs and usernames do not always look nice - it just
depends what was used when the annotation was created. But you get the
idea. Do a free text search for Rufus, for example, or narrow down by
one of the usernames he has used.

(view in firefox for now - I am tidying up and debugging the code,
making the front end prettier, and will make it available in a repo
this week. it should allow for easy embedded display of any content
from an elasticsearch or SOLR index).


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