[annotator-dev] anyone up for a hackathon this weekend?

benny daon bennydaon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 20:58:09 UTC 2011

Hi all,

My name is Benny and I volunteer in an Israeli non-profit, "The Public
Knowledge Workshop", developing an open site for the Israeli parliament (BSD
license). One of the features we have in our site is the ability to annotate
official meeting protocol - here's an example -
http://oknesset.org/committee/meeting/4298/#annotation-286 . We're using
code developed originally by Stefan Wehrmeyer for the German bundestagger
Our code needs some serious refactoring and looking for alternatives we
found AnnotateIt and decided to try and use it instead of our current code.
While all this fun is going on we we've been invited by Google
to participate in a british-israeli hackathon this weekend:

"The british embassy is about to open a technology "HUB" in Israel. The idea
of this "HUB" is to promote collaboration between Israeli and British tech
The launch of the HUB is about to happen on Sunday, October 30th.
For this launch, we want to show the vast collaboration between British
companies/organizations and Israeli ones that already takes place here.
This is why, we arranged a Hackathon of 2 days collaboration between
projects that are for the general welfare of the Israel, British and other
citizens of the world.
The event is sponsored/hosted by Google, but the work is in no way on Google

In the end of the event, there will be a short "show-and-tell" of the
projects worked on, in which some very high ranked people from the british
government, including the British Chancellor,  will participate and see what
we've worked on.

We would be very much glad to have any help from the British side on the
projects we're going to work on.

The London office will be opened during this weekend for the purpose, as
well as food served.

We're going to use the weekend to work on integrating AnnotateIt into our
code and possibly creating a browser extension using help from developers
from http://crossrider.com/ . If you can join us working from Google's
London office (or from Haifa :-) please let me know by replying to this


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