[annotator-dev] A little demo of what I've done to your code

Nick Stenning nick.stenning at okfn.org
Sat Oct 1 09:15:49 UTC 2011

That's all great to hear, and once you've done what you want to do let me
know and I'll open a new branch on the annotator repository and see about
merging your changes.

Just two notes:

1) It would be really great if you could continue the tradition (started by
Aron, not me!) of truly excellent documentation coverage. We use TomDoc as a
guideline for how to write documentation -- see http://tomdoc.org/ -- and
you can look at any of the other plugins for pointers on documentation

2) It might also be an idea to try writing some tests for the categories
plugin. See the other plugin tests in test/spec/plugin for an idea of how to
do this.

Best wishes,

On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 10:08, Ewald Zietsman <ewald at siyavula.com> wrote:

> There's some more testing to be done, for instance, I don't know if it
> works with the Filter plugin. I'm also getting (sometimes) an error about
> undefined noteType, which breaks the annotation database. I know where in
> the code it happens but I cannot yet reproduce it at will, still working on
> that. That may be a bug in the annotator itself, a fringe case if you will.
> I'll add a tutorial for using the categories plugin onto my own github fork
> which you can then use. I did add usage instructions for the plugin into the
> categories.coffee source file, which should help you get it running.
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