[annotator-dev] Permissions plugin

Jamie M Folsom jfolsom at MIT.EDU
Wed Aug 29 20:09:19 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I am working on creating a custom
permission scheme using the permissions
plugin, and I see a couple of odd things.

1. On load, even if I'm the current
user, and the current user has been
explicitly given all permissions, I
can't edit or delete a newly created

2. User name is doubled on the viewer
widget for all annotations.

I am using setupPlugins to load plugins,
and overriding options explicitly (see
below), but due to the odd doubling
effect I suspect that the default
permissions are still loading.

Anyone run into anything like this?

Using latest annotator (1.2.5).



		.annotator('setupPlugins', {}, {
			Auth: {
				token: '<%= @jwt %>'
			Store: {
				prefix: 'http://localhost:5000/api',
			Filter: false,
			Markdown: true,
			Permissions : {
				user: '<%= current_user.firstname %>',
				permissions: {
					'read':   ['<%= current_user.firstname %>'],
					'delete': ['<%= current_user.firstname %>'],
					'update': ['<%= current_user.firstname %>'],
					'admin':  []
				showEditPermissionsCheckbox: true,

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