[annotator-dev] using Annotator auth system for moderated comments/annotation

andrea rota ar+lists at liquidculture.eu
Wed Feb 29 17:53:20 UTC 2012

hi all,

i'm moving here a thread started on twitter as i posted a question to
@nickstenning there - basically i'm looking into using the Annotator
for a research dissemination lab project: the core features are
absolutely amazing for our needs, but for some of the texts up for
annotation we'd want to somehow moderate annotations.

For a first pilot we should be ok with just giving each of our
research partners authenticated access to an Annotator-enabled text,
but in the longer term we would like to open things up to the wider
public (it's a dissemination lab, after all) and we'd need some
moderation features then.

Nick suggested that this should be possible, with some customisation -
i'd imagine that most of the moderation code should deal with some
kind of approved/not-approved flags in the backend store (assuming
this won't break API & data format :)) -- i'm open to

I'd particularly be interested in developing any such customisations
in a way that could be reusable by the Annotator community - this
would likely be something i'd be able to do if the first
(non-moderated, auth-only) pilot gains traction in our lab and we can
justify devoting dev resources to customisations.


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