[annotator-dev] SVG annotations?

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Mon Mar 5 16:08:31 UTC 2012

Hi Tracy,

Copying this reply to our annotator-dev list; hope that's ok.

Thanks for your question. I'm not entirely sure what the user interface
would look like for what you're describing, but if that's set to one side,
the purely technical question of "does Annotator's annotation format make
any sense for SVG documents?" is a bit easier to answer.

It's possible in principle, as an annotation is basically just some data
attached to a pair of XPaths denoting the start and end of the annotated
section of the document. There's nothing stopping these being SVG nodes,
although I certainly haven't tested this application.

Do you envisage users being able to select specific SVG shapes and then
annotate them? This might require a bit of additional work on the frontend,
but, as I say, it's certainly possible in principle, and could be a rather
cool use-case! I can't think offhand of any particular reasons we'd run
into cross-browser issues beyond standard issues of SVG support (and
support for W3C Range, which is already a hard requirement of Annotator).

Best wishes,

On 29 Feb 2012, at 18:38, Tracy Atteberry <tracy.atteberry at oracle.com>


I have a quick question.  Is it possible to use Annotator to annotate SVG
documents in a cross-browser way?

If not, do you have any pointers on how to make this work (if indeed it's

Thank you so much for your time.


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