[annotator-dev] Can you provide the uncompressed javascript library?

Rouan Wilsenach rwilsen at thoughtworks.com
Fri Aug 30 06:21:27 UTC 2013

Hi James

Re question 1)

There is an explanation of how to build the source locally here:

In short:
- Pull the source code from GitHub (git clone
- run 'make'
- The uncompressed javascript will be placed here: pkg/annotator-full.js

Hope that helps,

On 30 August 2013 04:36, Gong Huaiyu James (NCS) <jamesh at ncs.com.sg> wrote:

> Hi, Team:
>         I) I don't understand coffee script.   And I don't know how to
> build the uncompressed JavaScript Libray(annotator.min.js
> ,ierange.min.js,xpath.min.js) .  Can you provide the uncompressed
> javascript  library?
>         2)   The Annotation Editor working fine for me,    but when I hit
> "Enter" button,  It  is equivalent to hit "Save" button.   But Actually I
> want to begin a new line in the "Annotation Editor"
>                     How to change this behaviour for  "Enter" key?
> James Gong
> Best Regards
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