[annotator-dev] Recap of Community Call 7/16/13

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Mon Jul 22 20:42:14 UTC 2013

Hi All,

As promised, here are the notes to the Annotator 2.0 community planning call:


For those too lazy to click a link, here are the high points and action items:

I. Recent Changes to Annotator 
Note updates to the store plugin and serialization
Particularly relevant is the new annotation property:  _local
Which is a local storage object that aims to make Annotator Core more abstract by supporting more nuanced Ranges / Anchors depending on the local context 
Goal: Ideally Annotator Core is simply a Database with the following calls:
	• Create | Update | Delete | Query
To simplify things, we will likely combine the Auth Plugin and Store Plugin in future versions of Annotator 

II. Action Items

@Nick to merge WIP branch
@Anna to test LoreStore with WIP branch
@Nick to merge Auth Plugin with new Store plugin
	User Interface

@Randall to dig out highlighter extraction branch
	Flexible Matching

@Kristof to extract Hypothes.is flexible matching and submit a pull request
strive to remain backward compatible with the existing reference store by utilizing the new the _local object so UI can rely on the anchored range regardless of the serialization

	Multimedia Annotation

@Anna to write up this discussion and send a summary to the mailing list for further discussion

	InterPlugin Communication

@Randall to remove all use of reference by class (use string names instead) in plugin instantiation/config.

	Other Issues

@Jamie to pull master (1.2.7) and build, integrate into a branch of Annotation Studio to test `Annotator#destroy()`
@Andrew Schedule another community call for mid-late August
@Everyone Stay tuned for build 1.2.8 release of Annotator in the very near future

I look forward to further discussion, releases, and lots more annotation.  Please do check out the full notes and post any questions, comments, updates or concerns to this list for everyone.

Warm Regards,
Andrew Magliozzi
Founder, FinalsClub Foundation

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