[annotator-dev] Making the anchoring more flexible (2.0 redesign)

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Wed Jul 17 08:27:42 UTC 2013

This is exactly the purpose of the "_local" field in the WIP branch.

Everything in the annotation should be serializable. Local unserializable
data, caches, etc, should be created as keys on the _local object.


On Wednesday, July 17, 2013, Kristof Csillag wrote:

> Hi,
> During yesterday's call we were talking about how to make the anchoring
> of loaded annotations to the DOM more flexible.
> My proposal was that to change the annotation storage format first.
> (So that we no longer store ranges in the body of the annotations, but
> targets with selectors.)
> There were some discussion about whether we should do this immediately,
> or we should postpone it to some later time, and start to build up the
> internals before that.
> I want to clarify one thing.
> Currently, the anchoring happens when the SerializedRanges (which are
> loaded from the store, and are stored in the .ranges field) are applied
> to the DOM, and are replaced by a NormalizedRanges.
> In our (Hypothes.is's) implementation, in the place of this, we are
> building the same NormalizedRanges from the .target field, which is
> loaded from the store. (And we are then storing these ranges in the
> .range field.)
> In order to build _any_ kind of flexibility, I think we need this: we
> must separate the field where we store the "dead", serialized data,
> coming from the back-end, and the field where we store the "live" data,
> referencing the actual DOM. (And then the anchoring process, which we
> can sophisticate, is when we generate the latter from the former.)
> We can do this without introducing the full target/selector thing, if we
> want to, but we must change the fact that currently, the "range" field
> is used for both goals.
>    Kristof
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