[annotator-dev] Annotator Store With SQL Server

Mifla Mashood mifla17 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 17 05:18:08 UTC 2013


>From the following statement I made out that it was possible to have my own
storage system to store the annotations.
*“**You'll need to store your data somewhere, luckily we've made this very
simple to do using AnnotateIt <http://annotateit.org/>, a hosted web
service for storing annotations.Alternatively if you'd like to integrate
the annotator with your own storage system check out the
Docs<http://github.com/okfn/annotator/wiki/> for
more information on the annotation format and store plugin.”* *Would it be
possible for me to use SQL Server? If yes, how should I go about doing it?
I referred the links given. They look very generic and found a few
3rdparty tools but didn’t quite fit my requirements.
**My main requirements are,*
*1. I should be able to store data in my sql server db and query them by
using methods in the Annotator API*
*2. So essentially my database schema should be compliant with AnnotateIt,
so that I can share my annotations with others who use Annotator.*
*3. I would also like to use these data to draw conclusions, produce charts
using various conditions etc... Can I do these If I use AnnotateIt instead
of my own db?*
*4. How can I customize the AnnotateIt store to include additional  fields
I would like to save?*
**Any guidance would be deeply appreciated.*

Kind Regards,
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