[annotator-dev] Annotator 2.0 Community Call Notes from 9/27/13

Andrew Magliozzi andrew at finalsclub.org
Sat Sep 28 17:42:27 UTC 2013

Hi Annotator-Devs,

Thanks to all those who attended our community call.  For all those who
could not make it, here is a brief summary of our action items:

+++ at Everybody: Review the Annotator 2.0 Milestone on GitHub:




   @Nick to merge WIP branch (status = TBD )

      Andrew & Nick working on fixing tests on WIP branch

      TODO: Next package release of Annotator - v1.2.8

   @Anna to test LoreStore with WIP branch (status = unknown )

      @Nick to merge Auth Plugin with new Store plugin (status = TBD )

      Depends on rest of WIP branch

User Interface


   @Randall to dig out highlighter extraction branch (status = not done)

Flexible Matching


   @csillag to extract Hypothes.is <http://hypothes.is/> flexible matching
   and submit a pull request

      strive to remain backward compatible with the existing reference
storeby utilizing the new the _local object so UI can rely on the
anchored range
      regardless of the serialization (status = TBD )

Multimedia Annotation


   @Anna to write up this
send a summary to the mailing list for further discussion (status
   = TBD )

InterPlugin Communication


   @Randall to remove all use of reference by class (use string names
   instead) in plugin instantiation/config. (status = not done)

   *Other Action Items*


   @Andrew, @Jamie, & @Dan: assemble/update master list of Annotator
   plugins, integrations and projects -- on the annotator website (github.io

   - Blocker: @Nick to get github page ready for us to edit.


   @Randall: heatmap demo / contribution with vanilla annotator

If you are able to help with any of the tasks above, please do reply and
we'll let you know how best to get involved.  For those looking for more
detail, here is a link to the full notes:


Stay tuned for progress updates on this list in the coming weeks.

Andrew Magliozzi
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