[annotator-dev] Notes from today's community call

Andrew Magliozzi andrew at finalsclub.org
Mon Feb 24 19:28:39 UTC 2014

Hi Team,

As always, we had a great community call with some clear action items.  If
you're curious, here are the action items to accomplish in the next six

Action Items


   Update landing page + use RTD for docs at docs.annotatorjs.org

      @*AndrewM* + @*JakeH* update landing page {{see django docs or

         What is Annotator?  (500 characters)

         Why Annotator? (500 characters)

         How to get involved... (250 characters)



         Demo link

   Documentation to-dos:

      @*AndrewM* & @*Jamie* - Introductory docs

         Is this what I'm looking for? How do I use it (min deployment)?
         Code examples?

      @*Nick* (lead and coordinate) - Technical overview documentation

         data model

         events and plugins


         How to upgrade to Annotator 2.0?

      API documentation (generated?)

         @*Kristof* - try out this on master

            write make script to output this in the sphinx build directory
            for now (integrate later)

      @*Jamie* - Annotated source? (Docco)

         See also Groc: http://nevir.github.io/groc/

      @*Nick* - Enable Hypothes.is on docs (Sphinx hackery)
      - @*Jamie* & @*Dan* - Propose a minimum viable "Groups"
   implementation for Annotator distribution

And here is a link to the full set of notes from the call:


The next meeting will take place the first week of April during the
IAnnotate conference in San Francisco.  I look forward to seeing lots of
you there.


Andrew Magliozzi
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E - Andrew at FinalsClub.org

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