[annotator-dev] Switch to JavaScript?

Kristof Csillag csillag at hypothes.is
Wed Jun 18 07:20:43 UTC 2014

What do you mean by "switching"?
1. Deciding to accept new incoming JS code, alongside new incoming
Coffee code?
2. Deciding that all new incoming code must be JS?
3. Removing all the Coffee, and replacing it all with JS? (Either by
automatic compilation, or manually?)

Anyway, I am not sure if it is much of a barrier.

When I entered the project, making sense of the internals were
*significantly* more difficult to me than making sense of Coffee, which
was new to me at that time.


On 2014-06-18 05:37, Randall Leeds wrote:
> Anyone opposed?
> Might lower the tooling and learning barrier.
> I've been a defender of it and invested some time in the tooling but
> I'd be okay moving away from it.
> No thought of timing here, re 2.0 or anything. Just taking the
> temperature.
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