[annotator-dev] Lost in the "current" Annotator 1.2.9 - looking a "state-of-the-art" plugin

Ernesto Torresin (ML) ewk-ml at connettivo.net
Tue Jun 24 10:18:38 UTC 2014

On 24/06/2014 11:00, Nick Stenning wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 24, 2014, at 10:46, Ernesto Torresin (ML) wrote:
>> Hi all
>> I'm trying to focus back on the Annotator but after some days, I think
>> that I'm in trouble. I have the strong impression that the doc is not
>> really in sync with the code; I've been reading the code of many
>> plugins, but I could not say which one can be taken as an example. I'm
>> stumbling on deprecated stuff at every few lines, and I cannot
>> understand how could it be so straightforward in the past, and so
>> twisted-up now.
> Hi Ernesto,
> First of all, I'm sorry you've had such a rough experience with the
> code. That's obviously not our intention and we are well aware that
> there are complexities which need ironing out.
> That said, it sounds very much like you're looking at the current
> 'master' branch, which is NOT v1.2.9 (which lives on the 'v1.2.x'
> branch) but instead the current development bleeding edge. We are in the
> middle of a fairly substantial rewrite of the Annotator internals on the
> way to 2.0, and this should explain the confusion and problems you're
> having.
> Current 'master' is not recommended for people trying to do serious
> work.
> Best,
> -N
> P.S. I'm well aware that this is not a good state of affairs, as are my
> co-maintainers. We're all juggling Annotator work with other commitments
> (the ones that pay the rent!) and know that progress isn't being made as
> fast as we'd like. Stay tuned on this front: things should speed up
> within a few months.

Thanks for your answer. I think that the Annotator is pure genius, the
Internet has been missing it for ages. To me, it is a milestone, just
like wiki's.

I am using the master branch indeed, because to read the sources and
compile I was requested by the Makefile to have a .git repository. I'm
going for the 1.2.x branch now.

BTW is it right that some plugins may show me the wrong way or could I
assume that everything that is listed at
http://annotatorjs.org/plugins/index.html should work with the latest
"stable" release?

Ernesto Torresin

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