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Steph Skardal steph at endpoint.com
Thu May 15 01:52:26 UTC 2014

As it stands right now in it's current state, annotatorjs.org/news/ has 
not been built and is coming up empty on the live site.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding the intention here, but it's my 
understanding now that we want _news (the source) to be committed to the 
master branch, and news (the destination) to be committed to gh-pages, 
and the tricky/annoying part is that we'll have to toggle between 
branches to keep _news committed to master and news committed to gh-pages.


On 5/14/2014 8:44 PM, Randall Leeds wrote:
> Steph, Andrew, thanks for making and merging those commits to get a 
> news page up!
> I'm totally obsessive about not committing source to the gh-pages and 
> not commit build artifacts to master, though, so I've gone ahead and 
> push a master branch that features a new rake task.
> Here are the differences between master and gh-pages:
>  - JEKYLL_README is now in _news/
>  - There's a new rake task you can run in _news/, `rake ghp` (ghp == 
> gh-pages)
> What the ghp task does:
> - Ensures there are no untracked, unignored files present
> - Ensures there are no uncommitted working directory or index changes
> - Creates a new commit on top of the gh-pages branch containing the 
> latest files
> Everything is copied over for now, except _news/.
> I'm happy to help turn everything into jekyll and we can just run 
> these commands from the root.
> Jekyll has no problem with .html files in the root, so I think it's as 
> simple as making _news/index.html into news.html at the root and 
> popping everything up a directory.
> I've not updated the gh-pages branch myself, yet, in case someone 
> doesn't like what I've done (we can drop the master branch, which 
> wasn't present before).
> If you'd like to be the first, just follow the instructions! 
> _news/JEKYLL_README has all the latest.
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