[annotator-dev] Website and Github Pages

Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Thu May 15 00:44:19 UTC 2014

Steph, Andrew, thanks for making and merging those commits to get a news
page up!

I'm totally obsessive about not committing source to the gh-pages and not
commit build artifacts to master, though, so I've gone ahead and push a
master branch that features a new rake task.

Here are the differences between master and gh-pages:

 - JEKYLL_README is now in _news/
 - There's a new rake task you can run in _news/, `rake ghp` (ghp ==

What the ghp task does:

- Ensures there are no untracked, unignored files present
- Ensures there are no uncommitted working directory or index changes
- Creates a new commit on top of the gh-pages branch containing the latest

Everything is copied over for now, except _news/.

I'm happy to help turn everything into jekyll and we can just run these
commands from the root.
Jekyll has no problem with .html files in the root, so I think it's as
simple as making _news/index.html into news.html at the root and popping
everything up a directory.

I've not updated the gh-pages branch myself, yet, in case someone doesn't
like what I've done (we can drop the master branch, which wasn't present

If you'd like to be the first, just follow the instructions!
_news/JEKYLL_README has all the latest.
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