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Simon Rainer Rainer.Simon at ait.ac.at
Sat Oct 11 07:01:19 UTC 2014

Hi all,

@Gergely: this sounds great!

Concerning OA support in Annotorious: that would simply be a matter of cross-walking formats if I understand correctly? So it would be comparatively trivial. (At least unless you insist on SVG selectors, which would require some heavier crosswalking. Annotorious is canvas-based.) 

Doing the implemention that integrates Annotorious seamlessly with the new Annototator is where the challenge lies. But it seems that Gergely already has made great strides towards this - so maybe this is also well on the way. (I promise to follow up on your code ASAP! :-)

And, yes, there is rudimentary OpenSeadragon support in Annotorious, which seems to be in use already, too, since I've recently merged a couple of pull requests with minor fixes and completions for stuff that was still missing.

@Jamie: you asked whether OpenSeadragon and images are similar in terms of what needs to be done. I'm open to better approaches, but as far as my experience goes, they are VERY different beasts. The way it's handled in Annotorious is that everything (images, OpenSeadragon, OpenLayers) sits behind a <canvas> element that handles the drawing, i.e. the *creation* of annotation.

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Hi Folks,

Yes, in the past we've developed a working image annotation feature for Hypothes.is, using Annotorious[1], but since this was using our own annotator branch, we decided to properly reimplement this for Annotator 2.0, as a plugin using Annotorious as a vendor library. So, we have code to work with and I want to get back to this as soon as possible.

Annotorious, if I see it well, now has openseadragon support.

About openannotation, if we make the annotorious plugin for annotator and annotator is in open annotation format when I think we'll have what we need. (The image selector data from annotorious can just become a selector for an annotation in Annotator for anchoring)



1: http://annotorious.github.io/

2014.10.10. 20:24 keltezéssel, Jamie M Folsom írta:

Hi Folks,

We have a developer working with us this fall who is interested in helping with image annotation, so I thought we’d reach out and see what work has and has not been done on that in the Annotator ecosystem.

Gergely mentioned back in May that there was some work done on h. We’d be glad to pitch in and work on a plugin that others could use, but I don’t want to duplicate effort if there’s something else underway.



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