[annotator-dev] Image annotation

"Gergely, Újvári" ujvari at hypothes.is
Sat Oct 11 06:47:44 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,

Yes, in the past we've developed a working image annotation feature for
Hypothes.is, using Annotorious[1], but since this was using our own
annotator branch, we decided to properly reimplement this for Annotator
2.0, as a plugin using Annotorious as a vendor library. So, we have code
to work with and I want to get back to this as soon as possible.

Annotorious, if I see it well, now has openseadragon support.

About openannotation, if we make the annotorious plugin for annotator
and annotator is in open annotation format when I think we'll have what
we need. (The image selector data from annotorious can just become a
selector for an annotation in Annotator for anchoring)



1: http://annotorious.github.io/

2014.10.10. 20:24 keltezéssel, Jamie M Folsom írta:
> Hi Folks, 
> We have a developer working with us this fall who is interested in helping with image annotation, so I thought we’d reach out and see what work has and has not been done on that in the Annotator ecosystem. 
> Gergely mentioned back in May that there was some work done on h. We’d be glad to pitch in and work on a plugin that others could use, but I don’t want to duplicate effort if there’s something else underway.
> Thanks!
> Jamie
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