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Kristof Csillag csillag at hypothes.is
Sun Oct 12 21:15:03 UTC 2014

On 2014-10-12 18:22, Randall Leeds wrote:
> Another potentially useful direction to go would be to separate the
> steps of identifying and highlighting the anchors.

In fact that's exactly what we have been doing in our (H's) fork of
Annotator ... for little more than a year

That's what we call two-phase anchoring:

 * Phase 1: the /anchoring strategies/ look at the saved /selectors/ and
the document, and try to identify the wanted fragment of the document.
The resulting packet of information is called an /anchor/.
 * Phase 2: the /highlighting engines/ do something which makes the
anchor visible to the user.

We needed to do this separation before adding PDF support, because when
working with PDF, identifying the anchors has to happen right after
loading the annotations, but actually highlighting them can only happen
when the given page is rendered into HTML, which might happen only much
later, when the reader approaches the given page.

(Again, see this readme
for an introduction to our process.)


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