[annotator-dev] Basic workings

Benjamin Young bigbluehat at hypothes.is
Mon Oct 13 20:06:44 UTC 2014

Hey Tim!

Super great questions (2 out of 3 of those are on my personal list).

What version of AnnotatorJS are you using? I'm guessing you're on the
latest of annotator-store?

Several store alternatives exist (and we hope for more), so clearing these
things up would be helpful.

Thanks, Tim,

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 3:14 PM, Tim Casling <tcas at burwil.co.uk> wrote:

> So i got the annotator store reference back-end installed.  But I have a
> few questions:
> 1. When a HTML page is populated with existing annotations, it seems to
> use the search API to pull in the annotations.  I thought the use of search
> was optional and that it could pull back the annotations without using
> search?  So to get it to work I seem to have to set the loadFromSearch uri
> to be the same as the store
> 2. Is the ability to edit or delete an annotation only available when
> authentication is configured?
> 3. When testing I sometimes end up with annotations for which the start
> and end of range is empty. When this happens, the annotation appears in
> multiple places in the document.  For example, I annotated a h2 and it
> caused a similar annotation to appear on other h1s and h3s.
> Thanks
> Tim
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