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Tim Casling tcas at burwil.co.uk
Tue Oct 14 05:34:23 UTC 2014

I have upgraded my annotator JS from 1.2.7->1.2.9.

On #2, edit and delete icons are visible on the annotation.  Not sure how I
missed them!

Any input on #1 and #3 appreciated.


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From: Tim Casling <tcas at burwil.co.uk>
Date: 13 October 2014 20:14
Subject: Basic workings
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So i got the annotator store reference back-end installed.  But I have a
few questions:

1. When a HTML page is populated with existing annotations, it seems to use
the search API to pull in the annotations.  I thought the use of search was
optional and that it could pull back the annotations without using search?
So to get it to work I seem to have to set the loadFromSearch uri to be the
same as the store annotationData uri.

2. Is the ability to edit or delete an annotation only available when
authentication is configured?

3. When testing I sometimes end up with annotations for which the start and
end of range is empty. When this happens, the annotation appears in
multiple places in the document.  For example, I annotated a h2 and it
caused a similar annotation to appear on other h1s and h3s.

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