[annotator-dev] Annotator 2.x on mobile devices

andrew simpson andrew10961 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 25 02:19:00 UTC 2015

I've been working with Annotator 2.x and am interested to support
functioning on mobile devices.

On a Galaxy S3 Mini (480x800 pixels) the annotator widget is shown
(FF/Chrome/Android browsers) and can be used to some degree. Text
highlighting and annotation creation is possible. One challenge is the
positioning of the widget window meaning it is truncated.

However, I recently tested annotator 2.x on an iPhone 5 with Safari and
found creating annotations did not seem possible at all.

I know that a plug-in for 1.2.x supported mobile devices, but not 2.x.

Is there any development in this area?
If not, is anyone interested in working collaboratively on this?
Or could anyone give guidance where and how one might start to increase

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