[annotator-dev] Offline Annotator & annotator-pouchdb plugin for 2.0

Benjamin Young bigbluehat at hypothes.is
Wed Jun 3 21:05:09 UTC 2015

Hi all! :D

Annotator 2.0 has it's first (afaik) Storage Plugin!

This plugin allows annotations to be stored "offline first" in the
user's browser. Following that, PouchDB's replication system can
replicate those annotations to any other system that can speak that
(rather simple) protocol, such as: Apache CouchDB, Cloudant.com,
and...soon....Drupal 8.

Using said plugin I created a *very* primitive (and a bit finicky)
Firefox Add-on for doing Offline Annotation:

If you open that in Firefox, it should install it for you. :)

The Firefox extension (full of bugs and bothers) shows the promise of
a speedy annotation tool available on every page on the Web storing
whatever you annotate locally in your browser.

Next up, I plan to add replication for shipping some or all of your
annotations to other PouchDB or CouchDB instances--which could "solve"
everything from backup, to publishing, to groups.

Dig into the storage plugin and/or extension. Let me know what you
think. And above all....send patches! ;)

Developer Advocate

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