[annotator-dev] Trouble setting up local storage

Gareth Highnam gareth862 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 21:09:29 UTC 2015

I've been tying to set up local storage with the storage plugin, using
Node.js+MongoDB. My end goal is for anyone visiting my page to be able to
annotate it and view any existing annotations previously made, when the
page loads. I don't need any authentication for this purpose.

Disclaimer: (I am a noob)

Here is where I am:
1. Page loads, annotator can highlight, create, edit, delete comments on
front end.
2. Annotator POST can create entries in back end.

When I reload page, no stored annotations are brought up, despite existing
in backend. Here is the code for the storage set up:

var content = $('div').annotator();

content.annotator('addPlugin', 'Store', {

        // The endpoint of the store on your server.
                                       prefix: '

            // Attach the uri of the current page to all annotations to
allow search.

            annotationData: {

            'uri': 'http://www.nofeveryone.com/anno/anno.html'


            // This will perform a "search" action when the plugin loads.

            // request the last 20 annotations for the current url.
                                         // eg.
          loadFromSearch: {

            'limit': 20,

                'uri': 'http://www.nofeveryone.com/anno/anno.html'


            urls: {

                 search:  '/search'



The API endpoints appear fully functional. When I test the same http
requests from my URI using curl, I get my posts back in JSON.

I've been pretty stumped for why it's not loading them with
"loadFromSearch", so if anyone thinks they can help I would greatly
appreciate it. I'm happy to give any other info about my code.

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