[annotator-dev] How to call loadFromSearch or loadAnnotations function of the Store plugin manually?

Mathias Lin mathias.lin at westernacher.com
Tue May 12 13:25:40 UTC 2015

Hi Randall,

thanks for your info. I tried to follow your example, but still having some problems understanding the object hierarchy.

I execute the following in the developer console, but the approach you mentioned did not yet succeed in my test.

var content = $('#content').annotator();  // works


content.addPlugin('Tags');  // does not work -> Uncaught TypeError: content.addPlugin is not a function
content.annotator.addPlugin('Tags'); // does not work -> Uncaught TypeError: content.annotator.addPlugin is not a function

Only this way of adding a plugin works:

content.annotator('addPlugin', 'Tags').annotator('addPlugin', 'Store'); // works

Still, I don't see how to access the plugins then. Neither of the two ways below works:

content.plugins; --> undefined
content.annotator.plugins; -> undefined

FYI - the following line executed in the developer console:


returns this object:

function (options) {
    var args;
    args = Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments, 1);
    return this.each(function() {
      var instance;
      instance = $.data(this, 'annotator');
      if (options === 'destroy') {
        $.removeData(this, 'annotator');
        return instance != null ? instance.destroy(args) : void 0;
      } else if (instance) {
        return options && instance[options].apply(instance, args);
      } else {
        instance = new Annotator(this, options);
        return $.data(this, 'annotator', instance);


From: Randall Leeds [mailto:tilgovi at hypothes.is] 
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To: Mathias Lin
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Subject: Re: [annotator-dev] How to call loadFromSearch or loadAnnotations function of the Store plugin manually?

This is beyond the scope of what plugins were designed for, since they mostly just do work in response to events.
However, it's possible.
First, get a handle to your annotator instance directly.
var annotator = $('#content').annotator();
This object has all the methods you see the jQuery plugin providing, without having to call ".annotator()" every time. For instance, you can do "annotator.addPlugin(...)".
Next, you can access the store plugin itself as " annotator.plugins.Store".
On May 11, 2015 07:44, "Mathias Lin" <mathias.lin at westernacher.com> wrote:

How can I call the loadFromSearch or loadAnnotations function of the Store
plugin (http://docs.annotatorjs.org/en/v1.2.x/plugins/store.html)
manually, not only automated when the plugin is added for the first time?

Currently it¹s being executed when the plugin is added:

$('#content').annotator('addPlugin', 'Store', {
  loadFromSearch: {
    'limit': 0,
    'all_fields': 1,
    'uri': 'http://this/document/only'

but I need to call it multiple times later on.

How to get a reference to the Store-Plugin in order to call its functions?



I noted you are writing an app to integrated Annotator into pdf.js.
I am actually working on exactly the same right now. Would be interesting
to know about your experience and progress.
My question above is actually related to that project.

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