[annotator-dev] how to implement identity and authz - V2.0

Ning, Yifan yin2 at pitt.edu
Tue Nov 3 14:21:39 UTC 2015


Based on annotator 2.0, I am trying to assign user name and permission to annotation via identity and authz modules. For now, I stored user account and permission information in Mysql and got user name on client side.

I am new to annotator and kind of stuck on using identity and authz module. Docs in V2.x is limited (http://docs.annotatorjs.org/en/latest/api/authz.html#annotator.authz.acl).

I will be great appreciate if any body give me hint or example of use identity and authz?

For module identity

I tried put user name to identity but nothing affected after annotation created:


app.start().then(function ()
             {  app.ident.identity = getCookie('username');



For module authz

I don't know how to bring the module below in and feeds parameters

annotator.authz.AclAuthzPolicy.prototype.permits(action, context, identity)

Best wishes,

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