[annotator-dev] Setting "user" for annotations

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Wed Oct 28 01:16:00 UTC 2015


I've got a wordpress blog and trying to make annotations. Basic
functionality works ok.

But I have several authors and want for each of them - set own user name
for annotation. Using signle key/secret from annotateit.org

I've tried
1. Auth plugin: get jwt token with user field - this seems to be useles,
this field is not used in token
2. Permissions plugin: set "user" field - this seems to change what send to

Now I send to annotateit.org
user: "test user"

But always recieve back:
user: "denis.obydennykh"

So the question is: how can I set user name for annotations using single

JS Code now:

> element.annotator() .annotator('setupPlugins', null, { Store: {
> annotationData: {uri: '
> http://gid.guru/populyarnye-marshruty/zolotoe-koltso.html'},
> loadFromSearch: {uri: '
> http://gid.guru/populyarnye-marshruty/zolotoe-koltso.html', limit: 200} }
> }) .annotator('addPlugin', 'Auth', { token: 'xxx' })
> .annotator('addPlugin', 'Permissions', { user: 'test user' });

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