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Benjamin Young byoung at bigbluehat.com
Tue May 31 19:37:22 UTC 2016

Glad you're here, Rebecca! I believe it's fine to add yourself to the "initial committers" list given your past experience and work with (and upon) Annotator.

Here's some links to Incubator process documentation on the topic:

Initial Committers description:
 - "list of committers used to bootstrap the community"--keep in mind this is a new community at the ASF

Here's more about what it means to be a Committer within an incubating ASF project:
 - "The proposal typically contains a list of initial committers. When a podling is bootstrapped, this list is used by the mentors to set up initial accounts. So, one way to become a committer for a podling is to be listed on the proposal as an initial committer."
 - I'll likely need to freeze the list once we submit for an actual vote--this is just an initial proposal step to make sure there's no known "gotchas" and to recruit a few Mentors to help us through the process

Related is this post from Roy Fielding about "piling on"--which is not something I think we're at risk of just yet, but it is something to be mindful of in the coming days:
 - being an Apache project Committer does give you "veto" over code contributions--that said, these days not everyone who ends up as a Committer even knows how to code
 - goal for the time being is to build a community that's focused and committed to a solid future for Annotator (and related code) at the ASF
 - adding committers *during* incubation is actually a key component of what we'll be doing--and it's mostly centered on "DO-ocracy" process:

ASF projects are "flat" at the Committer level. Everyone gets +1. So, being sure that everyone's committed to the same goals (see the proposal) and here to help is the core point of this initial committers list.

If you fit that bill (and it seems you do!), please add your name to the list here:

We'll likely do a "roll call" here or on the Incubator list (checking with our Champion on that point) to be sure our Initial Committers are committed. :)

Right now, we just need to know who's actually here. ^_^

Thanks (again) for being here!

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The proposal looks great, and I’m glad to see this happening.

 I’ve added several use cases and notes to the spreadsheets based (mostly) on the annotation work I’ve been doing with Readux (https://readux.library.emory.edu/).

And I would echo Robert’s question – I’m not sure if I belong on the “Initial Committers” list, although I have done work on multiple annotator modules to support Readux, and am interested in collaborating on annotator.js and helping move it forward.



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