[annotator-dev] Has development stopped?

Leonhard Küper leonhard.kueper at mogoh.de
Mon May 29 10:48:41 UTC 2017

Hello Robert.

> Can you explain a bit more about the project you are working on /
> problem you would like to solve?

Sure, I gladly will.

## What I want to accomplish ##
I am working for a research project where some researches want to publish some drafts and want to recive feedback. Thus I am building a Website, probably a simple Wordpress installation.

## Feedback through Annotations ##
* I want visitors to be able to annotate selected Articles (drafts).
* The annotations should be discussion threads. One should be able to answer to annotations.
* I want to master of the data. The Annotations data should be on my server or, if I should use some external service, exportable for me.
* There should be some minimal spam protection. One should need to create an account for annotating.

That is essential all.

## Timetable ##
It should all be done by the end of 2017 but I want to have a working installation within a couple of month.

As this project is of high importance for me, I am looking for a stable solution. If Annotator.js 1.2.7 serves my purposes I guess it is the best I could use by now.

Kind regards

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