[annotator-dev] Support for annotation inside textarea and input fileds (annotator.js)

Benjamin Young byoung at bigbluehat.com
Thu Mar 29 19:36:22 UTC 2018

Additionally, you might want to checkout http://prosemirror.net/

It's more "foundational" and can be used to build idiosyncratic editors. It has some concepts that are similar to annotations. If I were building a Web Annotation enabled editor right this second (which sadly...I am not), then I'd pick ProseMirror and integration the Web Annotation Data Model for portability of editing/reviewing/etc.

It'd be great to hear how you progress or a link to your project once it's far enough a long to see!





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Annotator represents selections using XPath for elements and text offsets. Textarea elements contain text, but cannot contain other content. Therefore, it's possible to get Annotator to find content within a textarea but not to highlight it.

Editors like TinyMCE don't use textarea elements. Instead, they use contenteditable to edit and create HTML content. It's possible to use Annotator to highlight or otherwise annotate this content. However, annotating dynamic content is not a built-in feature. Depending on the editor, Annotator may or may not confuse it, conflict with it, or be broken by it. Integrations should be possible but are not provided in the core library.

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018 at 1:20 AM Sooraj Sethumadhavan <sooraj.sethumadhavan at gmail.com<mailto:sooraj.sethumadhavan at gmail.com>> wrote:

I'd like to know if annotation of contents of textarea and input fields are supportedin Annotator.js. I have an application that employs tinymce and appendgrid libraries. I want to have the annotator feature for the text inside these. Is it possible? If so, could you please guide me.

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