[Bibjson-dev] Metadata standard glossary

Jim Pitman pitman at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Wed Jun 22 15:36:23 UTC 2011

Mark, please can you add a reference in the OBSTM paper to

Jenn Riley (2010).
Seeing Standards: A Visualization of the Metadata Universe.

The Metadata standard glossary included in pdf form beneath this page is an excellent
overview of the multiplicity of biblio data standards from a librarian's perspective.
BibTeX and BibJSON and a few others should be added, but this kind of list is very useful
and something we should be aware of.

See http://bibserver.berkeley.edu/tmp/OMLUA/seeingstandardsglossary.html
for an html version which I made as a BibJSON exercise.

It would be great if this group and/or other OKF openbiblio people could cooperate with Jenn Riley
to maintain an open version of this glossary/biblio in BibJSON.
I have some students at Berkeley who can work on data acquisition and cleaning, new entries and the like.
Mark or Richard, could one of you oversee maintenance of this in some framework of convenience for yourselves?
I have been looking at delicious as such a framework. See e.g. http://www.delicious.com/jim_pitman/added%3A1308721783
for a typical item. Not the use of tags

          o item_from_www.dlib.indiana.edu/~jenlrile/
          o item_license:CC-BY-NC-SA

to indicate license/attribution information about the biblio item. I think stabilizing on some conventions
for this could allow rapid expansion of openbiblio items on social bookmarking platforms like delicious.


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