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Liebe Leute,

hier eine weitere Informationsquelle zur Diskussion eines Code of Conduct
am Samstag im Workshop...

Bis dann,

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From: Preston Rhea <preston at codeforamerica.org>
Date: 9 July 2014 23:12
Subject: [cfabrigade] Establishing the Code for America Anti-Harassment
To: brigade at codeforamerica.org

Hey Brigade folks,

We've developed an Anti-Harassment Policy
<https://github.com/codeforamerica/codeofconduct/> for use at Code for
America and Code for America network events, to be used in conjunction with
the Code of Conduct we previously developed with the input of Brigade
Captains. You can read more about the motivation and scope of the policy in
this blog post
Also, it's linked in the latest #meta which you should all have received a
few minutes ago!

In addition to what's in the blog post, we want to share some extra
information about the code, the policy, and their application to Brigades

- The Code and Anti-Harassment Policy are a baseline. We know some
Brigades, like betaNYC, have developed their own policies forked from this
one.*As long as the terms, rights, and guarantees of recourse are
compatible with the Code for America code and policy, please adapt it to
your liking!*
- Hannah wrote a guide to implementing this policy
a compatible one. It's now part of the standard Brigade toolkit
- We also added provision and enforcement of the code and policy to
the requirements
for becoming a Captain-led Brigade
item 13), and to receiving reimbursement for Code for America network events

Please let us know if you have any questions, and as the blog post
suggests, submit an issue on the GitHub repo for the code and policy if
you'd like to improve it.

Thanks for all you do! Cheers from SF,

Preston and the Communities Team

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