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Em 09-01-2018 15:10, André Maia Chagas escreveu:
> Caros,
> Saiu o "roadmap" (mapa da estrada?) do pessoal do Gathering for Open 
> Science Hardware, um documento escrito de forma colaborativa por 
> diversos grupos de diversos cantos do mundo. Vejam com mais detalhes 
> no email abaixo:
> Att,
> Andre
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> From: *Shannon Dosemagen* <shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com 
> <mailto:shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com>>
> Date: 2018-01-09 18:01 GMT+01:00
> Subject: Re: Final GOSH roadmap
> To: Shannon Dosemagen <shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com 
> <mailto:shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com>>
> Hi everyone,
> Happy 2018! In case you're not following along on the GOSH forum...
> We are thrilled to announce the public release of the "Global Open 
> Science Hardware Roadmap", a collaborative document prepared by many 
> hands and minds of the GOSH community! The Roadmap is the product of 
> many brainstorming sessions, starting from community gatherings at 
> CERN IdeaSquare and PUC-Chile in 2017. It materializes a year-long 
> effort to debate, collect, and merge various forms of community input: 
> from narratives of practical experience to ideas on how to better 
> support hardware projects.
> We took a long time to allow for direct contributions onto the text, 
> passing through various versions which are also available for future 
> use, modification, and redistribution. After (almost) a whole year of 
> collective deliberation, we finally reached a rough consensus on the 
> basic structure of the roadmap to include three chapters: learn, 
> support, and grow.
> As their titles suggest, we dedicate the whole report to the 
> description of the challenges we face and propose practical action for 
> supporting (community and academic-based) research and open hardware 
> while actively helping to reach out for future contributors. Our 
> roadmap is released with a promise: to combine our efforts to invent 
> common solutions while drawing from and improving upon the practical 
> recommendations for achieving our goal of making Open Science Hardware 
> ubiquitous by the year of 2025.
> Please read and download the report here: 
> http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/ 
> <http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/>
> Share with your networks and anyone you think might be interested, we 
> are also on social media @GOSHcommunity and using #goshroadmap
> A couple of requests:
> - If you'd like to join a translating team for the roadmap or the 
> roadmap press release 
> <https://docs.google.com/document/d/1eiMVXr5552XYQaaxDKncYhknrlqc5BFO77cpR5ggyZk/edit?usp=sharing>-- 
> organized currently for Portuguese, Spanish and French-- or would like 
> to translate into another language, please respond to this post so we 
> can connect you.
> - If you have press contacts you'd like us to send this to, please let 
> us know. You're also welcome to send the press release on your own.
> - Please share on social media. Here's suggested Tweets:
> Making #openhardware in science ubiquitous by 2025: read the 
> @GOSHCommunity Roadmap to find out how! #GOSHRoadmap #openscience 
> http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/ 
> <http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/>
> . em GOSHCommunity supports the pursuit and growth of knowledge through 
> global access to hardware for science. Read the Global Open Science 
> Hardware Roadmap to find out why and how #GOSHRoadmap#openscience 
> http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/ 
> <http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/>
> GOSH Roadmap Writing Group
> On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 3:03 PM, Shannon Dosemagen 
> <shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com <mailto:shannon.dosemagen em gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone!
>     I'm very happy to share the final GOSH roadmap
>     <http://openhardware.science/global-open-science-hardware-roadmap/>
>     with those who were at the GOSH 2017 gathering in Santiago and the
>     CERN roadmap work session in March. Thank you so much to all of
>     the section wranglers, writers, editors, conceptualizers, etc.
>     There's way too many people to thank, but you're acknowledged in
>     the acknowledgement section of the roadmap, so read through until
>     the end!
>     *A note: until January 8th, please consider this an embargoed
>     draft that should not be shared. *Although we (me, Jenny, Luis
>     Felipe) wanted to share with the folks that made this roadmap
>     happen (you all!), we're hoping to do some media outreach the
>     first week of January and a bigger launch of the roadmap on the
>     8th. Until then, we're kindly asking you, as exciting as this is,
>     to please not share via social media, the forum, other listserves,
>     etc.
>     Wishing you all a peaceful and relaxing end of the year and
>     beginning to 2018!
>     Shannon, Jenny and Luis Felipe
>     -- 
>     @sdosemagen
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> @sdosemagen
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> André Maia Chagas
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