[ckan-dev] more efficient i18n templates for isitopen

Stefano Costa stefano.costa at okfn.org
Fri Nov 12 18:20:33 UTC 2010

Il giorno ven, 12/11/2010 alle 13.04 +0200, Stefano Costa ha scritto:
> OK, nevermind, it's the namespace declaration missing, I will fix that
> and submit a working patch later, don't pull for now.

Well, that was fixed but apparently the "plain" behavior is still
happening in lots of places, see for example
https://bitbucket.org/steko/isitopen/src/tip/isitopen/i18n/de/LC_MESSAGES/isitopen.po#cl-155 and the following messages where the sentence is split according to markup defined at https://bitbucket.org/steko/isitopen/src/35db04687063/isitopen/templates/guide.html#cl-52 

It's my first time working with Genshi templates and their i18n
features, so let me apologize if this sounds terribly obvious.

I'd rather submit a clean and working patch.


Stefano Costa
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The Open Knowledge Foundation
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