[ckan-dev] Hierarchical folder structure for a dataset

Prashant Gupta p.gupta at auckland.ac.nz
Wed Aug 9 05:29:39 UTC 2017


I am using CKAN to serve as an instrument (e.g. mass spec) data service, where we may ingest instrument data directly into CKAN – so we have a copy of raw data to be stored and shared, and later to be published and archived. The problem I am facing is the way CKAN stores its datasets and resources. For instrument data, it is vital to retain the folder structure and the resources (data, metadata and config files) to be in the correct folder. Otherwise the analysis software would have issues analysing it.

Is there a way CKAN may allow to store dataset and resources in a way that when it is downloaded, the folder structure may be retained somehow, and resources are in their correct folder?

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