[ckan-dev] redis and cluster installation

Florian.Brucker at it.karlsruhe.de Florian.Brucker at it.karlsruhe.de
Tue Aug 29 07:29:50 UTC 2017

Dear David,

As of 2.7, core CKAN only requires Redis for the new background job system 
(http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-2.7.0/maintaining/background-tasks.html), in 
particular Redis contains the task queues.

Each task of these queues will be executed once (not once per instance). 
If your multiple CKAN instances have the same ckan.site_id setting then 
they will share their task queues. That is, tasks enqueued by one instance 
will be seen by all others. However, the core CKAN WSGI process does not 
execute these tasks on its own. Instead, separate worker processes run in 
the background to execute the tasks asynchronously (
). You can run the worker process(es) on one or more hosts, which may or 
may not be the ones that also host your CKAN instances.

If your CKAN instances have different ckan.site_id settings then they will 
have separate task queues, so each instance will need its own worker 
process(es), which again may or may not run on the same host.

I hope this gets you started ;)


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> Betreff: [ckan-dev] redis and cluster installation
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> AFAIK redis is mandatory for 2.7.0
> I want to install this version (2.7.0) in a cluster infrastructure
> (high availability)
> Currently, there're several ckan instances (wsgi+solr) sharing the
> same postgresql database
> Could anybody tell me how to deal with (redis) ?
> Redis tasks should be executed in each ckan node or it should be only
> executed in one node?
> Thanks in advance
> David
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