[ckan-dev] redis and cluster installation

dporto dporto at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 07:26:08 UTC 2017

Thanks Florian,
your answer is very clarifying for me.

In my installation all nodes share ckan.site_id so I'll have a try
following first option.


2017-08-29 9:29 GMT+02:00, Florian.Brucker at it.karlsruhe.de
<Florian.Brucker at it.karlsruhe.de>:
> Dear David,
> As of 2.7, core CKAN only requires Redis for the new background job system
> (http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-2.7.0/maintaining/background-tasks.html), in
> particular Redis contains the task queues.
> Each task of these queues will be executed once (not once per instance).
> If your multiple CKAN instances have the same ckan.site_id setting then
> they will share their task queues. That is, tasks enqueued by one instance
> will be seen by all others. However, the core CKAN WSGI process does not
> execute these tasks on its own. Instead, separate worker processes run in
> the background to execute the tasks asynchronously (
> http://docs.ckan.org/en/ckan-2.7.0/maintaining/background-tasks.html#running-background-jobs
> ). You can run the worker process(es) on one or more hosts, which may or
> may not be the ones that also host your CKAN instances.
> If your CKAN instances have different ckan.site_id settings then they will
> have separate task queues, so each instance will need its own worker
> process(es), which again may or may not run on the same host.
> I hope this gets you started ;)
> Regards,
> Florian
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>> Betreff: [ckan-dev] redis and cluster installation
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>> AFAIK redis is mandatory for 2.7.0
>> I want to install this version (2.7.0) in a cluster infrastructure
>> (high availability)
>> Currently, there're several ckan instances (wsgi+solr) sharing the
>> same postgresql database
>> Could anybody tell me how to deal with (redis) ?
>> Redis tasks should be executed in each ckan node or it should be only
>> executed in one node?
>> Thanks in advance
>> David
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