[ckan-dev] What would you remove from CKAN core and why?

Kevin Brochet-Nguyen kevin at viderum.com
Mon Jul 23 16:00:14 UTC 2018

Hi fellow devs, contributors, and users,

If you could remove any feature from CKAN core, what would you remove? 
What code just doesn't belong in CKAN core? What is CKAN trying to do 
that it just shouldn't do? ...and why?

Why am I asking?

We're transitioning to Python 3 and Flask. We're modernizing and 
refactoring. And maybe there are some things that we just shouldn't take 
with us when we cross the threshold.

Maybe we can save ourselves a lot of work and at the same time build a 
/better/ application if CKAN just does /less/.

So what would you remove, if you could remove anything?

Rules of the game:
- You can remove any feature or functionality you want.
- You can put the deleted feature or functionality into a separate 
plugin or service outside of CKAN core if you want to.
- But you don't have to—you can also just remove it and let the 
community find a new (and probably better solution).

- Kevin

Kevin Brochet-Nguyen
CKAN developer @ Viderum GmbH
NextGEOSS Data Hub developer

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