[ckan-dev] What would you remove from CKAN core and why?

Kevin Brochet-Nguyen kevin at viderum.com
Tue Jul 31 14:24:47 UTC 2018

CKAN’s context has caused me some headaches in the past, too. I’d put context and models vs. dicts in the “improvable” rather than the “removable” column, though.

As for dataproxy and anything that could be described as not part of core but required by core—it's worth considering removing it and converting into an external add-on as you suggest.

And yes, maybe only “considering removing” and not "actually removing". I understand what you say about breaking things gently over time and that it’s possible that a feature you or I might not like is well-used by others.

At the same time, maybe thinking about drastic changes, even if we don’t intend to follow through with them, will inspire us. Flask and Python 3 are right around the corner. We’re definitely going to be breaking some things in the next year, with the benefit that we’ll be working with a modern framework on modern Python. Users are already going to be faced with the questions of what and when and how to upgrade.

What do you think about the idea of removing tracking and stats from core? Just the principle: we know some (even many) users will be inconvenienced, but what if that also drives them to adopt a better solution, or even to contribute to or fund work on a better solution?

(And to be clear tracking/stats isn’t my main concern. I just think it’s a good example of something that could be removed and the removal would spur the community towards adopting/creating something better. Your datapoxy suggestion falls into the same category. Maybe cutting it free from core would make it easier to improve it or to replace it with something better. I also have things like Python’s requests and attrs libraries in mind here: they could be part of core Python, but they’re not because putting them in core would slow down their pace of development. Not being in core doesn’t necessarily mean not being available.)

On 24. July 2018 at 17:39:59, ross at mailbolt.com (ross at mailbolt.com<mailto:ross at mailbolt.com>) wrote:
Okay, I’ll bite.

The dataproxy used for previews of CSV/XLS not in the datastore.  It’s running on Google AppEngine, it only works during a full moon, and doesn’t help with data stored on an internal network.  It’s not technically part of core, but core depends on it, and it should probably be an external thing you can install alongside CKAN.

Number 2 would be the general abuse of ckan.model models vs dicts in various places, and the way context is used throughout the logic layer (see https://github.com/ckan/ideas-and-roadmap/issues/53).

While I think we all have bits of CKAN that we’d rather not be there, there are just as many people using them – there’s nothing quite so frustrating as a point release breaking things, so the general approach is to break things gently, over time, and ideally with advance warning. This is not a bad thing, but it’s kind of hard to just remove big chunks of functionality when/if people are depending on them.  I guess a separate extension is the answer where it’s possible.

I actually put together a quick survey for contributors, and non-contributors to try and learn a bit more about the reasons people do, or do not contribute.  I’ll send it out later.

On a related note, has the steering group come up with a roadmap? Presumably customers are telling them what they need… it’d be good to see what their expectations are over the next 12 months.


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I'll go first: we should strip out the tracking middleware and also remove ckanext-stats. No more tracking or stats in CKAN core.

Why? Analytics doesn't belong in CKAN core and if someone needs analytics, they can get better results from a dedicated analytics application or service.

Right now, if someone asks "Does CKAN show usage stats?" the answer is "Well, sort of, but only in certain cases, and not for API or M2M usage, and there's no dashboard...well, there is a stats dashboard, but it's actually something different, and...well, maybe you should use the Google analytics extension...but that doesn't do everything you want either, so..."

The answer to that question should just be "No." And that's not to say users shouldn't have access to analytics. They should just get them from some other plugin or service that really specializes in analytics. They'll get better results, developers who do want to focus on CKAN-related analytics will have more motivation to make polished plugins, and we as a community will have more time to devote to features that only CKAN can provide.

So what do you think CKAN core would be better off without?


On 23.07.2018 18:00, Kevin Brochet-Nguyen wrote:

Hi fellow devs, contributors, and users,

If you could remove any feature from CKAN core, what would you remove? What code just doesn't belong in CKAN core? What is CKAN trying to do that it just shouldn't do? ...and why?

Why am I asking?

We're transitioning to Python 3 and Flask. We're modernizing and refactoring. And maybe there are some things that we just shouldn't take with us when we cross the threshold.

Maybe we can save ourselves a lot of work and at the same time build a better application if CKAN just does less.

So what would you remove, if you could remove anything?

Rules of the game:
- You can remove any feature or functionality you want.
- You can put the deleted feature or functionality into a separate plugin or service outside of CKAN core if you want to.
- But you don't have to—you can also just remove it and let the community find a new (and probably better solution).

- Kevin

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