[ckan-dev] CKAN toolkit in Flask

Woisetschläger Elisabeth Elisabeth.Woisetschlaeger at zamg.ac.at
Tue Aug 13 07:35:06 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I am writing a ckanext in Flask (mainly using CKAN's IBlueprint plugin) and have had some issues with CKAN's toolkit.

1) I used toolkit.request, toolkit.redirect_to and toolkit.config, which are working perfectly fine. However, I have been wondering if it is recommended to use those even there are flask-native alternatives. Can I somewhere see what the toolkit plugin is doing (pure code)? What benefit do I have when using toolkit.redirect_to over flask's redirect resp toolkit.request over flask.request ?

2) toolkit.response is not working in IBlueprint - therefore I used a flask.Response Object. What is the recommended way to handle responses in CKAN with flask?

3) Am I correct that tookit.request and toolkit.response are Pylons functions, and toolkit.request already has a flask wrapper? Can I find a list of toolkit plugins which are already working in flask?

Thanks for your help!

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