[ckan-dev] JavaScript in extensions

Neuvonen Samuli samuli.neuvonen at ymparisto.fi
Wed Aug 21 13:31:18 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I have trouble in understanding how the js-files are used in CKAN extensions. My case concerns the geoview-extension which - as far as I understand - uses js-files from ckanext/geoview/public/js/ for handling the preview of different link/file types (wms, wfs etc.). I have installed the extension for development and would like to make some customizations for our organizations needs but whatever change I make in the js-files, it doesn't get updated to the file used by the CKAN web app. At the same time changes made to py- or html-files in the extensions folder do affect the web app. So, what am I missing? 

Thanks a lot!


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