[ckan-dev] CKAN-EXT harvester execution problems

Bäuml, Daniel daniel.baeuml at scs.fraunhofer.de
Fri Jan 18 11:31:50 UTC 2019

Hi to everyone,

I installed CKAN 2.8.2 and the ckan harvester extension.
However, I got some problem when trying to run the harvester. 

First, if I try to execute the tests for the harvester with the command: 
	nosetests --reset-db --ckan --with-pylons=test-core.ini ckanext/harvest/tests
I get an error message - FATAL: password authentication failed for user "ckan_default".
But if I can login with the credentials to postgres on the command line and everything works. 
The credentials are also changed in the config file and the init command works fine.

Secondly, trying to execute the harverster import on command line with:
	paster --plugin=ckanext-harvest harvester run_test --config=/etc/ckan/default/production.ini
This leads me always to the python error - "ImportError: No module named factory"

Any hints what I'm doing wrong? 


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