[ckan-dev] Importing XLS resources with many sheets to DataStore

Alberto Miedes alberto at furilo.com
Thu Jan 24 11:02:39 UTC 2019


I'm working on a CKAN installation where we import XLS resources that have
two problems:

- Some of them have several sheets, so only one of them is
- Some of them don't follow a "strict" tabular format (i.e. some columns
are joined to be used as titles, subtitles etc.)

I see this problems is already identified and documented in places like Spec:
DataStore and FileStore Consolidation
and #123 <https://github.com/ckan/ideas-and-roadmap/issues/123>.

¿Which is the current status of supporting XLS files with many sheets?¿Any
suggestions on what to do for resources that don't follow a strict "tabular

We're thinking of giving a try to ckanext-officedocs
<https://github.com/jqnatividad/ckanext-officedocs> or directly disable the
preview for XLS resources with only two columns (it's the pattern we've
seen for resources which are not parsed correctly) - this last is a bit

Thanks in advance!

Alberto Miedes
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