[ckan-dev] Fanstatic Assets Path broken [CKAN 2.8.3]

Stefanie Taepke stefanie.taepke at liip.ch
Wed Jul 31 13:50:00 UTC 2019

Hello again,

so I got a little further as in realising, that the url should be correct
(or looks correct), as when I compare it to the vendor-bundle it does
indeed work correctly as in bundling and importing. (and the URL is built
very similar.)

That leaves me assuming that the bundling does not work for the ckan-group
(the path that is built with all requirements found in the resource.config
under ckan) is not accessible, hence all those resources are missing on the
page. I have no clue what to do here. Does anyone have the slightest hint
what could be going on here?

Best regards,

On Wed, Jul 31, 2019 at 10:17 AM Stefanie Taepke <stefanie.taepke at liip.ch>

> Hey community,
> I am struggling with setting up CKAN 2.8.3 to our Ubuntu-Server. I have
> set up a source-install on Apache2 (without Nginx).
> CKAN is working mostly but the fanstatic Assets aren’t loaded correctly.
> The requested path looks like this:
> GET https://{OUR_CKAN_SITE_URL}/fanstatic/base/:version:2019-07-30T18:01:11.24/:bundle:plugins/jquery.inherit.min.js;plugins/jquery.proxy-all.min.js;plugins/jquery.url-helpers.min.js;plugins/jquery.date-helpers.min.js;plugins/jquery.slug.min.js;plugins/jquery.slug-preview.min.js;plugins/jquery.truncator.min.js;plugins/jquery.masonry.min.js;plugins/jquery.form-warning.min.js;plugins/jquery.images-loaded.min.js;sandbox.min.js;module.min.js;pubsub.min.js;client.min.js;notify.min.js;i18n.min.js;main.min.js;modules/select-switch.min.js;modules/slug-preview.min.js;modules/basic-form.min.js;modules/confirm-action.min.js;modules/api-info.min.js;modules/autocomplete.min.js;modules/custom-fields.min.js;modules/data-viewer.min.js;modules/table-selectable-rows.min.js;modules/resource-form.min.js;modules/resource-upload-field.min.js;modules/resource-reorder.min.js;modules/resource-view-reorder.min.js;modules/follow.min.js;modules/activity-stream.min.js;modules/dashboard.min.js;modules/resource-view-embed.min.js;view-filters.min.js;modules/resource-view-filters-form.min.js;modules/resource-view-filters.min.js;modules/table-toggle-more.min.js;modules/dataset-visibility.min.js;modules/media-grid.min.js;modules/image-upload.min.js;modules/followers-counter.min.js
> It just seems to queue all paths from the fanstatic resource.config one
> after another, so no wonder we are getting a 500 on that. The resources
> themselves are available though:
> https://
> {OUR_CKAN_SITE_URL}/fanstatic/base/:version:2019-07-30T18:01:11.24/:bundle:plugins/jquery.inherit.min.js
> I am out of ideas on how to solve this as the same code-base works fine
> locally in our Docker-Machine.
> The closest issue to this I found is this one:
> https://github.com/ckan/ckan/issues/3618
> This seems to be solved in our CKAN version (I also checked the code on
> the server, if we really have that version and we do)
> Any hint on which direction to debug would be helpful. I am a rookie when
> it comes to setting up servers so it could definitely be the reason of our
> issue, so please don’t be shy to call me out on that :P
> Thank you in advance,
> Steffi


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