[ckan-dev] Using CKAN in a production environment

Leo Tay leotaysh at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 12:11:23 UTC 2019

Hi Guys,


Apologies for dropping the message out of the blue like this but I'm
wondering if you could help to address some of the questions I have for

I tried searching around online, but was unable to find the necessary

As I'm new to CKAN and working alone on this, I would appreciate any help or
guidance that can be provided.


Some background information, I'm currently exploring solutions which I can
use to catalogue and after which, ingest data from it to perform analysis
and generate visualizations in other applications. 

The amount of data that can be processed, stored and speed are some of the

By following the documentation for version 2.8, I have managed to install
CKAN from package and was able to create, upload and, update the datasets
using the APIs.


The questions I have now are:

-          Are there any issues if I install CKAN from package, get it up
and running and, use it directly in a production environment?

-          Are there any limitations to CKAN that I can read on? Such as
maximum file size that can be uploaded at a time or, is the only way to
backup the database is to dump the it?

-          Is it possible to connect Tableau to CKAN using the APIs and
generate visualizations using the data?

-          If there are multiple data file resources in a dataset package,
can I combine them into a single file using the APIs?


Thank you for taking the time to read my message.




Thank you and best regards,


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